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12" loom - easy warp (one coil)


The Easy Warp 12" Loom is the perfect loom for beginners interested in tapestry or other types of weft-faced weaving. It is a 12" Loom, but one that comes with just the basics: a frame and a 14 dent coil (and no coil tray). Because it is the same size as the 12" Loom, you can add on accessories like a shedding device or Extra Warping Bar Kit as you need them.

The chief difference between the Easy Warp Loom and other Mirrix looms is that it is meant to be warped in a different (and very easy) way. Simply tie your warp to one of the brass pieces on the front of the loom, and wrap your warp around the loom. You can also use this method on any other Mirrix Loom.

With this warping method, you can weave a piece on one side of the loom and then turn the loom around, move the legs to the other side, and weave another smaller piece on that side.

Included: One 14-dent coil and a flat wrench as well as a get started kit that includes: Maysville warp, a 5" tapestry needle and 6-colors of Paternayan yarn and written instructions. .PDF warping instructions as well as basic weaving instructions for this loom are also available online.

Dimensions: Weight: 2.5kgs Width: 12" Height: 11.5" - 17.5" Makes a piece: 9" x 15" (and another piece 9" x 7" on the back of the same warp)


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