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12" loom with shedding device


The 12" loom is the smallest loom, which accommodates both bead and tapestry weaving. It's small, sturdy, portable; and it includes the shedding device and a variety of warp coils. Weave a small format tapestry on it or a bracelet; anything is possible with the only restriction being size. When deciding between this loom and the 16" the only consideration necessary is: what is the largest piece I will want to weave on this loom? Keep in mind that you can weave two thinner pieces on this loom.

Included: Four coils: 8, 12, 14, 18 dents, shedding device and handle, two wooden clips, warping bar, flat wrench, Allen wrench, coil bar and written instructions

Dimensions: Weight: approx 2.5kg Width: 12" Height: 11.5" - 17.5" Makes a piece: 9" x 24"

Note: You need heddles to use the shedding device. You can either buy them or make your own

Accessories: You may want the No Warp-Ends Kit for easy bead pieces or the Bottom Spring Kit with warp coils for wider pieces. If you’re interested in making long pieces, loom extenders add two feet of weaving length to the 12" loom. If you want some extra space between your front and back warp threads, the Add-On Bottom Beam is a great addition.


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