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8" loom no shedding device


This loom is designed to accommodate the needs of bead weavers who want a small, simple, but entirely functional bead loom and who plan to employ the traditional method of bead weaving (also available with shedding device, see 8" loom with shedding device).

This loom has a lot of flexibility and works as well for bracelets, necklaces, purses, straps, pouches, phone cases, beaded tapestries and more. It sits sturdily on a table, but can also be held securely in your lap or laid flat on a table. If you want to own just one Mirrix Loom for traditional beadwork, this could very well be just the loom for you.

Included: One 14 dent coil (Note: this coil is perfect for weaving with 11/0 seed beads. For 11/0 Delica beads, you will want the 18 dent coil. This, and other warp coils, can be purchased separately), two wooden clips, flat wrench (11/26/15 and later), warping bar, written instructions.

Dimensions: Weight: approx 2kgs Width: 8" Height: 11.5" - 17.5" Makes a piece: 5" x 24"

Accessories: You may want the No Warp-Ends Kit for easy bead pieces or the Bottom Spring Kit with one 14 dent coil for wider pieces. If you want some extra space between your front and back warp threads, the Add-On Bottom Beam is a great addition.

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