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extra shedding device

extra shedding device

This extra shedding device is for those who didn’t buy one originally (For an 8" or 12" loom), or for those who want a second shedding device for a larger loom. Adding a second shedding device to your Mirrix will allow you to use techniques in your tapestry weaving such as twill weave, basket weave and tabby weave. These fancy and fun techniques will take your tapestry weaving to the next level.

Included: the shedding device, a set of clips(if you need them - please read note), a handle, and an Allen wrench

*clips notincluded in this bundle, contact us if you'd like us to source some for you

If you purchased a Mirrix Loom without a shedding device, but have large clips on the loom (these have an indentation to place the shedding device), you can purchase the extra shedding device WITHOUT clips.
Alternatively, if you purchased a Mirrix Loom without a shedding device, but have small clips on your loom (without a space for the shedding device), you will need to purchase the extra shedding device WITH clips.
If you are purchasing the shedding device as an additional shedding device you will also need to buy the shedding device WITH clips.

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