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yarn information

yarn information

Yarn counts can be very confusing. There are so many systems, and often there is no indication which system is being used. We try to spell out in all cases which system applies, but to enable you to compare and to calculate your needs more easily wherever we can we also give the length per metre/yard and the number of diameters (wraps) per centimetre/inch.

The following abbreviations are used in the yarn descriptions:
ne - the English cotton numbering system, based on the number of 840 yd strands per lb
nel - lea, the English linen numbering system, based on the number of 300 yd strands per lb
nm - the metric system, based on the number of metres per gram
wc - worsted count, the most common wool numbering system, based on the number of 560 yd strands per lb
den - the denier system, based on the weight of 9000 metres
tex - weight in grams per 1000m length
wpc - wraps per centimetre
wpi - wraps per inch

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